Sunday, June 26, 2011

Let's Start a Good Health

Many people do not care about their health and are busy working and are taking calories in excess.The rate of obesity has risen due to the intake of sweets,chocolate and many food containing loads of fats.
Many precaution should be taken concerning the younger generation. With the advanced of technology, scientist have surely find ways to be slim and not to feel different from others. Many chemical solutions have been produced and sold on the World Market but not one doubt of further circumstances.
Physical exercises also help the proper functioning of our heart. We have swimming,running slowly,walking fast not in a vigorous way and many sports activity. Many people think that sport is good for health. It's true that sport is good but the problem is that if we do not know how to practice it in the convenient manner it can be fatal to our health. We should do things according to our capacity. Human body has a limited capacity and we should all respect it. Consuming drugs to enforced our capacity is not efficient for our health in the long run even death can occur at the wrong time.
Some tips for you:
* Eat a lot of fruits and vegetables containing lots fibers.
* Have at least eight hour sleeping each day.
* At least fifteen minutes of exercise.
* A balanced diet is required.
* Breakfast plays a vital role in your health
* Use herbal product (vegetable) rather than product containing lots of chemical substances.
* Avoid smoking and drinking alcoholic drinks
* Drink one glass of water as you wake up every morning

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