Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Tips to Survive a Negative Friend

A deep inside look on surviving the nagging, boring, and annoying behaviors of a negative friend. Tips, warnings, and some hard-core steps made just for you. Because, of course, you are a great friend! Why else would you go here?
Try this steps
1. When your friend begins to complain, don't interrupt. Just listen and tell the friend if you agree or do not agree.

2. Keep their esteem way high, compliment them daily, and make sure to spread the cheer to others.
3. Encourage the friend and really tell them where their strengths are
4. Do cool stuff yourself and show them how fun it is to get involved and not complain about stuff. Chances are, they'll join you.
5. Ask about their life; they are probably negative because their life sucks. If it's real bad, advise them to a therapist in the area- they'll offer professional advice and listen!
6. Don't be too peppy. A little can be nice here and there, but when it's over the top it's really off putting.

There is a tips for You
* Be nice and complimentary.
* Be funny and help them to laugh.
* Allow them a bit of time to be negative - maybe that is all they need to feel better and more relaxed.
* Talk about mutual interests, and avoid sore subjects.
* Do things that keep conversation to a minimum, like going to a movie or taking a guided tour.
* If they are having big problems, you can suggest that they see a doctor, counselor, minister, call a mental health hotline, etc.

* Don't allow yourself to get drawn into the negativity.
* Don't go overboard with the compliments.
* Don't pester the friend.
* Don't assume the friend does not have a good reason to feel bad.
* Don't suddenly drop the friend because that will put him/her into even more of a negative emotional state.


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