Thursday, June 23, 2011

Tips to Know if Someone Is Talking About You Behind Your Back

Is she talking behind your back? How would you know? Why are all these rumors popping up around you? Don't let these rumors harass you. Find out who started them. The steps below are some of the ways to find out if someone is talking behind your back.
Try this steps
1. Note if they are constantly whispering to other people, and when you come they abruptly turn back. This is the most obvious sign.
2. Find out if they are suddenly asking more personal questions behind your back.
3. Watch for signs of distancing. If they used to be your friend, they are now isolating themselves away from you.

Some tips for you
* Ask a friend if he/she could be a "spy" for them. Unless the person you think is talking about you knows you are friends, you could hide close by while your friend walks up to them and says "So, ugh, what do you think of (your name)?" and then listen to their reply. If they laugh, they are probably talking about you behind your back, or think your friend is weird.

* Be careful not to tell them in their face, what if they aren't the ones that said you kissed so-and-so?


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