Monday, May 30, 2011

Protect Yourself From Someone Who Want Revenge

Okay, you've made somebody mad at some point. We all have. Some people let it roll off their shoulders, others vow revenge until their dying breath. This how-to will help you protect yourself from the latter.
Well try This Steps

1. Try to be a decent person in the first place, so that people won't be inclined to seek revenge on you. If you are not a jerk, for the most part, you will not make enemies. Don't do things that will offend people. Don't call a random heavy person a "fatty" in Wal-Mart. Don't relentlessly tease the kid with glasses at your high school or college. Don't be rude to customer service employees, especially cashiers (They can easily track you, because all they have to do is make you show an ID with a credit card or check, and there is nothing you can do about it if you want to pay by a method other than cash).
2. Notify the police if you are certain that someone is trying to take revenge on you. Be sure they are attempting before you do this. False police reports are illegal.
3. Contact authorities even if someone harasses you, you always have the option of contacting the police, even if they have blackmailed you.
4. Get Caller ID for your phone if you do not already have it. Block any numbers which give you wakeup calls at 3AM (yes, people have been known to abuse the wakeup call services online for just this purpose).

Some Tips For You
* Try to make things right with any person who believes you have wronged them. For example, if you have insulted someone, apologize to him or her the next time you see them. If you destroyed someone's property, offer to fix it at your own expense. You would be surprised at how far "little things" like these would go in keeping someone from taking revenge out on you.
* Consider buying a gun or a noisy dog. If the enemy is the type who will try to break into your house and kill you in your sleep, you want some sort of home defense.


* Some people will still try to get revenge, or get more than they deserve from you, even if you do your very best to make things right.
* If you ever are rude to someone, do what you can to prevent them from getting your license plate number. The internet is full of paid search sites where someone can pay a small fee to look up your license plate to find out where you live.
* You may not be forgiven even if you try to make things right. Move on, and take the other steps to protect yourself.
* If you contact the police, you may find that your "enemy" has already figured out a way to get them on his side.
* Don't open unexpected packages from foreign countries, especially from the Netherlands. Packages from the Netherlands could contain drugs (and your enemy may have already reported you for drugs anonymously.)
* Don't go on the attack without being sure someone really is out to get you.

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