Thursday, May 26, 2011

Tips To Stop People Following You

Getting annoyed at a stalker, whether it's a real one or not? Here's how to stop the situation.
This is The Steps
1. Ignore the person. If he does not get your attention, he might just get bored and go away. Most stalkers tend to only seek attention.
2. Get to a place that you know but he doesn't, so that you can easily lose him. This can be another town, mall, etc.
3. Find a place to hide, like a bush, behind a bin or a car; they will probably get freaked out if you disappear and they only hear dead silence. Turn the predator into the prey, no, do not stalk him/her!
4. If you feel threatened, call the police and whisper loud enough so they can hear you. Wait to do anything until the police come.

this is the tips
* Don't stalk the other person, they can call the police and you look like the guilty one.
* When you hide, hide good. Don't stand on the other side of a telephone pole.
* If you want to creep them out, look at them wide-eyed very blanky, then breathe deeply. This sends the most fearless person, fearful!

* Don't think about attacking the person; you will likely get into serious trouble.

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